Original ITF Magazine to close

Sadly we have made the decision to close the project due to finally realising that the ITF groups have no intention or desire to work as one. We thank all contributors for assisting us over last two years.

We wish you all good health and prosperity for the future.

Original ITF Magazine team


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ITF Magazine for everyone

The Magazine was created back in late 2007 and ran until 2010. However, at the time when our Magazine was launched, the global ITF politics was on fire. After feeling that issues in the U.K. were becoming stressful, we decided to shut it down in 2010 after 13 issues. August 2020 during the pandemic a decision was made to bring back Original ITF Magazine to try and unite all ITF TaeKwon-Do groups through this medium.

Promoting all groups

We will only cover those ITF groups that follow our ethos of being open to all ITF TaeKwon-Do practitioners world wide. We plan to cover top International TaeKwonDo Federation news and publish it to our facebook channel and, where possible, run six issues of the Magazine yearly. We intend on running the Magazine every two months

ITF TaeKwonDo News for all

We will not favour any one International TaeKwonDo Federation group over another or be dragged into the grubby politics of the art. This is why any communication deemed negative will be screened by our quality standards advisor and, if needed, passed onto our solicitors to communicate with any third body.

Fake it, Till you make it

Fake it, Till you make itJust taking a moment to consider what makes a truly great instructor?Perhaps you could help me?Here are just 7 points I’ve jotted down, amongst many -1. Connection - the ability to form trust as well as a 2 way bond that stretches...

Munster Championships

Munster Championships 2023This year's ITA Munster Open was held at the SETU Arena, Waterford, Ireland.With 980 competitors from Ireland, England and Scotland over 2 days, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February.Saturday had 7 rings running all day for Black...

Irelands Unsung Master

Master James FaulknerMaster James Faulkner began learning Taekwon-do in 1981 under Mr Gerry Martin who was a second degree black belt at that time and trained in both Beaumont Club and the Green Street club with Mr Robert Howard who was fourth degree black...

7 ways to level up

Master SwiftGot a plan?‘7 tips to level up!’We have hit the ground running this year and today I was asked by a fellow instructor to share some tips on how to level up in 2023, here are just a few –#Tip 1Don't chase shiny objects… stay focused on what you...

Master Arsol Jnr

Master Arsol JnrIt is with great pleasure today we know one of the most representative figures of ITF Taekwondo in the world, we talk to Master Jo Arsol JR for some questions. , President of ITFUNION Asia and Chairman, of the PhilippinesGood morning...

UK LTSI Instructors Course 2023

UK LTSI Instructors CourseThe UK-LTSI conducted their annual Instructor and cadet course in St. Albans on 22nd January.This course has been run since 2001, with the main foundation being on the UK-LTSI syllabus which is respected across the UK.The course...

URL Hijacking

Political Master - URL HijackingYou're probably thinking how the hell? Yep, the URL is as safe as your car sitting outside your house, waiting for a theiving little scrote to nick it.You may even think why would they do that, or how can they do this? It’s...

UK Masters Partner Tells all

Taming the LTSI LionUK TaeKwonDo Masters’ partner speaks out after 30 years about the real man behind the mask.I am tracey leaonard, to many Mrs TaeKwonDo the object of this article is to let others know about my partner and what made him who he is...


SOO, PARK JONG  SPCIAL (1941-2021)  I was asked to write about my instructor, Grand Master Park Jong Soo. I have chosen to write about the Grand Master Park I was blessed to know during the years leading up to his untimely death. These are some of the most...

GM Dalton in Senegal

ITF UNION President Grandmaster Don Dalton visited Dakar, Senegal in the end of November in order to conduct a seminar in the West African country.The Event was hosted by Boosabum Ibrahima Sy (3rd Dan). After 24 hours of travelling Grandmaster Dalton...
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L.T.S.I. tournaments are the official sponsors of our magazine. This group operate three tournaments in the U.K. which are independently run and said to amongst the best. Click on the image to visit their site.


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General Choi Hong Hi - TaeKwon-Do father is a Facebook group our editor Master Snow has run since 2004. The group has 2800 active users. Click on the image to sign up.

General Choi Hong Hi - TaeKwon-Do father is a Facebook page our editor Master Snow has run since 2004. The page has 11k active likes. This page has many General Choi images to preserve the Founders legacy. Click on the image to sign up.

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