‘Generation Covid’ promotions

LTSI Black Belt Promotion

Four students took their promotions under Master Snow and overseen by Grandmaster Dalton, assisted by Mr. Marsh, 3rd Dan and Miss Smith, 2nd Dan. To say we are proud of them all is an understatement.
Why we are so proud of these students is they have all been at every Zoom session working hard for the last 15 months.
At times, the exam was gruelling and all had to dig deep.
GM Dalton spoke to the group and congratulated them on their efforts. Master Snow said this grading was special, as he knows how hard the learning has been. Never the less, the troops dug in and gave 100% to achieved their new grades.
Promoted to 2nd Degree (pass) – M. Stephens
Promoted to 2nd Degree (merit) – B. Webb
Promoted to 1st Degree (distinction) – B. Nash
Promoted to 1st Degree (merit) – F. Nash.
We congratulate you all on this achievement and send a special thanks to GM Dalton and the assistants who helped today.
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