C19Dealing with the Covid-19 aftermath

March 2020 through to August 2021, I was riding high. Covid-19, it won’t affect me because I am fit, strong and also very careful. By God, I was wrong…

Let’s go back to March 2020 when that wombat we call our Prime Minster shut us down for ‘a few weeks’ (which, on and off, meant 18 months of imprisonment at home). Like many, my clubs were shut down and over 70% in membership was lost, so 27 years of teaching went down the drain. I also lost 15k on my DJ business overnight.

So, I took the classes on Zoom and, to be fair, it worked until schools put their classes online – many students did not want to do eight hours for school online and then train in the evening, so we lost a percentage of members again. Mentally I was breaking, yet I just pushed myself daily.

My DJ business was defunct so, looking up and down my street, I think “What would happen if I put on a street chilling session weekly?” You know, happy feeling good tunes from the 60’s to current day. That Sunday, I started the ‘Covid-19 Moodlifter’ sessions and hundreds sat in their gardens for 18 months. Week in, week out we danced in our gardens, getting drunk and it worked on the streets. Truthfully, many neighbours just wanted to unite (yep, me included) and it was a taste of normality for us whilst being imprisoned by the powers that be.

In the 18 months, I spent time (socially distanced, of course) from many of our neighbours that attended our sessions, never once getting Covid-19 – this made me believe it was all BS and a fabricated illness to control us.

In April 2021, we went back to the clubs – we were doing temperature checks, using hand sanitizer and cleaning our gear between classes. We started sparring straight away, with everyone knowing they must wipe their gear before sparring.

Roll forward to August 2021, thankfully there had not been one issue at the club. To be frank, I was of the opinion I was not having the vaccination, as I had been around lots of people and not caught what I thought was just a fake illness…. Then, as they say, the s##t hit the fan and my life was rocked to the core.

On 16th August, I get one of my pesky yearly chest infections. By the 19th August, my chest was on fire – so much so, for the first time in 27 years, I let my Black Belt seniors run my class. On Saturday 21st August, I do a test and it’s clear so I fulfill my DJ contract (the first in 18 months). I was fine all night, but by 10.30pm things crash really fast. Damn, I never felt so ill.

I complete the disco, but my temperature has sky rocketed, my chest is on fire and my breathing has deteriorated. I get in the car, thankfully my gig was only five minutes away from home. I pull up on the drive and have to crawl out the car. I was scared, as my breathing was so bad.

Tracey opens the door, I crawl into the kitchen and I am saying “I can’t breathe”. I get a pint of water, drink that and things ease. Somehow, I manage to unpack the car. I pull my clothes off, crawl upstairs and sit in front of a fan. My body temperature drops, but my breathing is getting worse. At 3.47am, the ambulance arrives on blue lights and they do all the checks. The ambulance guys advises me to go in as my breathing is really bad. I say “No! If I die, it happens at home”. At this time, I was aware things were bad and truly felt I was on my way out.

The ambulance staff discover that I had been put on tablets for my chest a few days before and say “You are having a reaction to the tablets which has slowed your breathing down, along with contracting Covid on top”. I was told to stop the tablets immediately, which I did.

They put me on a fast recall which meant if Tracey felt I needed to go to hospital, the call would be dealt with as high priority.

Within hours, both Tracey and Raz were also ill. Somehow, Covid has caught my arrogant ass and it was now kicking my ass like never before.

I opened up my PC and found a recovery plan online that I’m afraid the government don’t want us to know – this was to take paracetamol every four hours, Vitamin D and Zinc tablets, rest for five days in bed under a fan and drink water regularly. We were sleeping up to 18 hours and were completely wiped out.

I think the many that saw my emotional video I posted on Facebook that morning showed my vulnerability. I had nothing to lose and the fight was on, only this time it was my life at stake. We got the zinc and vit D and we all went on them. Within two days, things had changed for all of us. I could talk, breath and was getting stronger every day, even managing to walk up the stairs to get soup and water.

I took my recovery one step closer – 60 minutes stretching and 45 minutes patterns daily. The first day, my balance was poor when kicking. I was fighting for air and had mind fog on movements. In fact, that first session I did not complete the full thing. Day two and I am stronger, I’m aching from day one and have headaches, my limbs are hurting and my balance is still off. Day three, I am back at the classes. I have to say that session was tough before going and teaching and my body was screaming at me.

On the Thursday, I complete my one hour and forty five minutes home session and am getting negatives on the lateral flow, so I go and teach for a further two hours. I have to say it was hard, but I was getting stronger each day.

I am NOT an antivaxxer, I just did not and do not trust the government or scientists’ word. It is December now and I think we all know they are about as trustworthy as a bank robber in a bank! God help us, there’s some scary stories out there against the vaccination and it’s hard not to listen to them but the fact is there’s a lot of truths that many try to downplay now. A week before this happened, I was thinking I am going to get the jab as I must protect my family, students and the partygoers when I am DJ’ing but I think Covid had other ideas.

I have heard my video has changed many opinions since. Grown men have contacted me and said seeing me crying was heartbreaking. To be honest, I did the video as, in my mind, I thought if one person gets the jab, it may save a life. There was NO editing, just me speaking about what I was going through and it appears I cried in parts of it. I did not watch the video for 10 days so I do not even remember what I said, but it appears many got vaccinated due to it.

I am fighting a daily battle now, but my body is getting stronger. I would say to everyone that reads this, get your Vit D and Zinc going, as thousands of doctors around the world are telling their patients the same. I swear by it – also the way my family and I recovered proves it. Many people who have taken Vit D and zinc since are also saying the same.

Of course, the scientists out there will say different but, on this occasion, I know what I know and I swear we all need to take Vit D and Zinc to keep this virus at bay.

Update – 17th September 2021: It’s been a number of weeks and, yes, Vit D and Zinc is part of our everyday life now. I am stronger, doing full sessions of fitness, kick drills, headaches eased, mind fog nearly gone and my balance is getting there. I still need a few more weeks, but I am 90% recovered. The Vit D and Zinc are game changers to me. I will be on them for life…

Maybe you’re asking if I’ll have the vaccine – probably, but we have to wait for the natural immunity to wear off first and for us to believe what is being put out. Let’s hope that one day soon we will all be out of this mess because Covid has caused havoc for sure around the world.

Now in December, Omicron is here. What they are refusing to publish on mainstream news is many scientists are coming forward to say this version of Covid is far more contagious but milder – this  means less deaths and the illness is not so aggressive. It’s a good thing, as it’s wiping out the Delta strain and soon things will be better for all of us. Question is, will it? So far, many are saying there is an agenda being played out here globally – the only thing is many just won’t admit it’s all about power, money and control over us.

Again, it’s just my opinion that there are better ways to deal with this situation but they won’t admit it.

Master Snow VII