Covid Mask - Original ITF MagazineThe idea of using masks to reduce the spread of a virus is not a new idea. Widespread mask use to prevent viral spread has not been implemented before because it’s not supported by science. The WHO published a summary of peer-reviewed research on mask use in June 2020, which noted that science doesn’t support mask use and masks may carry health/psychological consequences. A meta-analysis of 65 mask studies was published April 2021 in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The authors stated, “There are clear, scientifically recorded adverse effects for the mask wearer, both on a psychological and on a social and physical level”. They stated “Compulsory wearing of masks gives a deceptive feeling of safety,” and “Masks do not show any significant effect with regard to viruses in an everyday scenario.” Previous meta-analysis and systemic reviews have concluded that masks don’t prevent the transmission of influenza or respiratory infections. In March 2021, The Annals of Internal Medicine published a randomized controlled trial of 5,000 participants, examining mask use and Covid spread. It showed how no statistically significant difference in Covid infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers. The researchers warn that mask usage may increase likelihood.of infection . ..

Editors Note:

 As a practitioner of over 37 years in TaeKwon-Do and coach for 27 years, I am against the wearing of masks in the Do-Jang. I believe that it is a freedom of choice to wear them in all other other settings. Back in April 2021, a parent turns up at my class and says her 16 year old son must train with his mask on. I said no, but she was insistent. I said to her “If anything happens, it’s on your head”. Later in the class, he collapsed and myself and another first aider had to deal with him (he was fine after). At the end of class, I said to her “I warned you of my concerns as our classes have a lot of cardio drills, yet you said he must keep it on”. I ended the conversation by saying he could not train with me again if he had a mask on – she pulled him out of further classes. The article will hopefully help you understand what is being said about masks but seems to be left out in the mainstream media.

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