LTSI InstructorsAfter nearly 24 months of Covid-19 restrictions, L.T.S.I. finally got to hold their instructor and cadet training course on 28th November 2021.

As the senior Instructor, myself and Mr. Stuart Smith VI helped those on the course face the many situations we as instructors face on a daily basis. In the morning, the first part of the course covered the cadet training course.

Cadets are between 13 and 17 years old, hold a Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do and are training twice a week. The L.T.S.I. cadets are used to take juniors to toilet, set up and pack up the hall, put students on the attendance register which also doubles as a fire register, meet and greet new students and basic duties, such as pad drills.

They also help the instructors do the safety checks prior to classes to ensure the area is safe to train in. After the 30 minute training video, the cadets were excused to do their written exam on what was covered.

The course moved on to the ‘C’, ‘B’ and ‘A’ class qualification course for assistant instructors. This course covers the legal side of teaching, how to declare earnings for tax and keep records, how to set up the club and develop it, dealing with suppliers, how to deal with students equally and fairly, how to get ready for exams and teaching the L.T.S.I. syllabus correctly.

Once this part of the session was over, the cadets and instructors moved onto the physical side of teaching. First up, each cadet went to the front of the class where they were taught how to project their voice so those at the back could hear them and how to teach confidently. Each student came up and there were a few times when both conductors fooled about.

They playing a part of a student being difficult to get the candidates to realise the types of situations we all face. By doing this, those that struggled the hardest to stand up at the front found their way around issues. As the day moved on, instructors and potential instructors were put on the floor to cover the more senior patterns and they also asked questions.

Mr. Marsh, 3rd Degree, was sitting his ‘A’ course was taking the set sparring and how to teach breaking to 7th Kups and above. This was quite intense, as we all know breaking is not just about kicking and punching, but how to mentally prepare ourselves for destruction and how to use correct techniques.

The course came to a close at 1.30pm and both Mr. Smith and I were impressed with the standard and attitude shown by those on the course. I took this time to remind all candidates that sitting this course annually is what will keep them sharp and updated with the legal side and technical changes we learn from seminars across the year.

I informed the instructors a basic requirement to refresh their skills yearly will show everyone on the course and those that put faith in them to learn our amazing art you are serious about instructing.

Article by Master Snow VII L.T.S.I. Head Coach

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