Traditions of TaeKwonDoIn recent days in Vinovo the martial artists of the amateur sports association Team Mulè (taekwon-do team affiliated with the International Taekwon-do Federation Union Italia) faced the winter session of exams for the passage of the belt, in the gym of the Gioanetti middle school.

 “The honorary examiner this year was top of the European sports scene,Grand Master Tarcisio Martella (IX Dan), direct student of the founder Choi Hong Hi and assistant in various internships and seminars around the world. Numerous belt passes both among children, who, as on other occasions, amazed everyone present with their acquired techniques, both among children and adults, who, wisely guided by their teacher, they are asserted by carrying out both the practical and theoretical exam program”.

Among all the students, the unparalleled instructors Gaia and Lorenzo Mulè, promoted to II Dan, and Matteo Longo, who arrived directly from Zurich and promoted to the degree of I Dan, continued from the association: “Through the Libertas (recognized sports promotion body from CONI), year after year we often wrench problematic subjects from the street; this day is also part of our project “Play sports. The world changes “, designed precisely to intervene in those contexts in which the crisis linked to the Covid emergency has made the mesh of the social fabric even more frayed”.

Taekwon-do, a fighting discipline born in South Korea, helps young people to find their identity a lot and supports them in dealing with all those small and big problems that they encounter in the various stages of growth. “Over the years, the more spiritual and philosophical part of this teaching has diminished a bit – explained Alfredo Mulè – Martial arts, however, continue to be an important sport, not only from a physical point of view, but also from a psycho- social, effectively increasing self-confidence and respect for others”.

They conclude from the Association: Through taekwondo, Team Mulè has always fought against bullying and all abusive behavior, both on and off the mat. This magnificent day, under the banner of healthy competition, could only end in the best way, with cups and medals for everyone, and gadgets offered by the sponsors of the Primo Centro and Real Estate Consultant Patrizia Parisi.

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