IIC ITF UNION TAEKWONDOOn the weekend of March 26th and 27th the eagerly awaited International Instructor Course of ITF UNION was held in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. ITF UNION President Grandmaster Don Dalton arrived a few days previously and was met by the Secretary General Master German Gambini at Ezeiza Airport.

That same evening he hosted along with Sabum Gabriela Uranga (ITFU Legal Council) Grandmaster Dalton, Honorary President Grandmaster Pablo Trajtenberg and Grandmaster Armando Grispino (Chairman of the Promotion Committee).

Master Penayo and Sabum Mundi Arellano were also present. The Union team has a fantastic evening meal where the details of the following week were discussed and also the upcoming Open World Championships which will be held in Argentina at the end of October. The following day was Grandmaster Dalton’s first visit to the fantastic new offices of the organisation in Belgrano, Buenos Aires. He, along with Master Gambini and Sabum Uranga held a meeting to discuss recent issues and plans for the coming year.

On the next day Grandmaster Trajtenberg and GM Dalton flew to Patagonia to conduct a seminar in the town of Trelew hosted by Master Cruz. The event was attended by around 120 practitioners and was an outstanding success. Later that night Grandmaster Trajtenberg, GM Dalton, Master Cruz and Sabum Mundi Arellano attended a special meal in the home of Sabum Richards.

The amazing Asada meal was also attended by senior instructors from the area. On the following evening a special class was held in the Dojang of Sabum Richards under the instruction of GM Trajtenberg and Dalton.The two Grandmasters spent hours correcting and discussing technique with the lucky select black belts. On the next morning the leaders returned to Buenos Aires where Grandmaster Dalton met with ITF Legend Grandmaster Javier Dacak of Paraguay.

GM Dacak was the first Latin American to win the ITF World Championships and was the Minister of Sport in Paraguay. The pair spent the evening discussing Taekwon-Do history and the future of the Union. On 9am Saturday nearly 200 black belts lined up to train in the FEDART organised IIC in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires.

The participants included black belts and Masters from as far as Israel, Paraguay, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. There were numerous Masters and Grandmasters training throughout including Master Prone and chief organiser Master Penayo. The St. Martin organisation led by Master Penayo had the most participation in the IIC.

Grandmaster Trajtenberg opened the event with a fantastic speach and the crowd were left understanding the importance of the weekend.The first session of three hours was handed to GM Dalton who initially worked on Tul from Chon Ji to Do San. This was followed by fundamental movements, line work and some free sparring techniques.

After the brief lunch break Grandmaster Dacak took the centre stage. He initially spoke on Taekwon-Do Protocol and the “Do” and went on to Step Sparring and also defence from a ground position.

The charisma of both Grandmasters was clear to see and the participants were smiling and enjoying the IIC in a way not felt in their previous experiences. According to Grandmaster Dacak “GM Dalton’s physical preparation was fantastic…it was an honor for me to be able to show traditional martial… fighting techniques with the President of the ITF UNION… thank you! Unforgettable moment, Pure!

Taekwon-Do, martiality, affection, respect, without any pride, integrity, loyalty and above all the presence of God…Love!” The numerous testaments of the participants were extremely positive. According to Sabum Miguel Martinez of Argentina” I had the pleasure of taking the ITF Union IIC last weekend, with the participation of Grandmasters.

I was fortunate to see different work methodologies, by several of the Grandmasters of Taekwon-Do ITF. A perfect fusion of the martial, of the natural essence of our wonderful art connected to the present, with modern methods, because the world also changes.

I would like to highlight the tremendous positive energy that they transmitted to us, that force poured out by the President of the ITF Union, GM Don Dalton.” The day was finished by Grandmaster Dalton who instructed for the final hour. The Sunday session was initiated by Grandmaster Dalton and focused on the competition side of sparring (Jayoo matsogi). He was aided by Master Gambini and the connection between the two leaders was very clear.

Master Gambini had previously assisted GM Dalton in Poland, Russia and Argentina so the pair worked seamlessly together. After the first season Grandmaster Trajtenberg began to teach on the fine details of Tul. The affection of the large crowd was clear to see. There were numerous Masters and Grandmasters also training under the Honorary President of the Union. Grandmaster Trajtenberg’s knowledge is incredible and his words inspiring.

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