Cyber BullyingVinovo: The chronicles of almost every day are unfortunately the most evident testimony. Violence among young people is increasingly widespread and today more than ever we are faced with phenomena of expression of youth discomfort that takes the form of bullying / cyber-bullying.

He takes offense and attacks for fun, especially in groups, to the point of pushing himself beyond the limit through prevarication, displays of force, abuse and physical violence. Exposure to large amounts of violent content on streaming platforms and the web can act as a multiplier and can provide negative patterns to imitate.

PCs, tablets and smartphones are beautiful inventions. The Internet allows us to be connected with the whole world in real time, but unfortunately all this has a downside, one of these rampant phenomena is already sadly known in “real” life is definitely bullying. The reasons that push bullies and cyber bullies are more or less always the same, however there is a difference between them. The virtual bully can be cruel, but remain a “keyboard lion”, as long as online, once off-line, this negative activity ends, returning to being calm.

The other will juggle activities that are detrimental to real life on a daily basis towards third parties. To stem the serious and increasingly rampant scourge of bullying and the incorrect use of technologies, the spirit of father and teacher have come together driven by a common denominator, to take sides in the first person. We are talking about Alfredo Mulè president of the amateur sports association Team Mulè (traditional taekwon-do team). He tells me – I was wondering how to interrupt this circuit of violence and combined with my sense of responsibility they pushed me to train by attending specific courses activated by accredited bodies, I am of the opinion that those who do not train stop, it is not enough to teach them to pull a couple of kicks and punches to stand up entitled to write anti-bullying courses on the flyer of your gym, no … it doesn’t work like that! As for me, every day I carry out prevention activities aimed at combating bullying and cyberbullying, sharing in a practical way all the experiences acquired with my students, in order to be better adults.

My primary goal is to affect their behavior, engaging them in recreational and sporting activities so as not to lead them to loneliness and extreme gestures. Continue – With us, a simple lesson is an opportunity for meeting and knowledge, comparison and socialization, fun and sharing the passion for our noble martial art with many friends up to go into a real family, where the aim is not only to train excellent athletes. As evidence of my commitment, I can mention some courses held at the Don Milani school in Vinovo, at the Summer Sport Camp in Baldissero, Comunità Fratelli dell’Accoglienza in Aosta.

To date, together with Libertas (our sports promotion body recognized by CONI) we are committed to the “Play sport. Change the world” project in the “socio-economic hardship” section. In addition to all the hashtags in use on the network, I created an ad hoc one #distinguitidallamassa. For information on the various courses open to anyone from 3 to 99 years old, contact the email address:

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