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Hello Stuart, thanks for talking to me today. Can you tell me about how you came up with the concept of Breakmaster please? Well, I first started thinking of the concept of breaking board holders when I was an instructor at my own club in Balsall Common. I was looking for a breaking frame or some sort of holder for the club, there was nothing on the market at the time. I needed something that you could transport around in a car easily. A lot of the old breaking frames were big, wooden heavy things, so me being an engineer I thought well I can build my own- so I built my own! After years of development and working other instructors, this is what you see today.

Can you give me some of the background about your own training in martial arts? I started Tae kwon do when I was 14 years old, training with the GTF as it was at the time. I enjoyed sparring like most young people, however as time went on, I developed a real interest and passion for destruction. At that time, it was the old fashion breaking horses, you still see quite a few of them about. I found even at that young age that I was actually quite good at it. Going forward through my whole career in martial arts which eventually resulted in me gaining a 3rd Degree in Taekwon-Do my breaking and my destruction skills just grew and grew, as did my knowledge behind it. My experience with engineering combined with my martial arts experience and I started to realize that I had the knowledge and ability to design and build my own breaking frames.

I’m interested in finding out who Breakmaster is actually for? Is it for instructors? Is it for students at home? Who did you design it for? I’ll make the Breakmaster frames for everybody, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or you’re a professional instructor or for a competition, there is a product for everybody. We’ve also sold our frames to a couple of celebrities.

How many models of Breakmaster are there altogether? Currently we have four models – we have the BM50 floor standing, the BM50 wall mounted, the large pro frame which is a competition frame and we have a handheld frame that can be used for young children.

Which do you think is your most popular selling
Breakmaster? It’s definitely the BM50 floor standing. Wherever you train whether it’s in a church, a village hall, or a school hall you’ve got wall and a floor so it’s easy. You can pack it away just put it in your car. The best product by far and the best selling around the world

In your opinion, what makes Breakmaster unique from other breaking frame breaking board holders? I think it’s the fact that they are designed by a martial artist who is also an engineer, they are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble and easy to use,

If somebody wanted to buy Breakmaster, where would you go? You can go to our website or you can see it on Facebook

What colours is Breakmaster available to buy in? Our main primary colour is red, but that is the factory colour. However we have done different colours for customers. Some instructors want a frame in club colours, and we have done some bizarre colours for different clubs around the world. This is obviously an extra charge because it’s not within our normal production line, so you can have any colour you want really however it comes as standard red. If you want a different colour I will give you a price of how much it costs.

How many countries around the world do you sell Breakmaster to? Breakmaster is worldwide, we believe we probably ship to round about 48 countries around the world ranging from Australia, Cambodia, Canada, US, Mexico, Singapore the list is endless.

How many breaking boards can you fit on a single Breakmaster? You can hold five plastic breakable boards or six wooden boards. We also do a brick attachment which is sold at an extra cost which will hold a single house brick.

You’re always developing Breakmaster – have you got any new concepts in the pipeline that you’d like to share with us? We have quite a few things in the pipeline at the moment. We do an adjustable speedball, we do a sparring bar which is in prototype at the moment and we are also looking at a combination punch master which is both wall mounted and height adjustable.

So, it would appear that you can offer something to suit everyone – from a family household for a child that just wants to practice at home, to a full-time martial arts Centre. How easy are Breakmaster frames to install? If you own a full time centre if you’ve got your own gym the best product is obviously the wall mounted one. This can be mounted at any height and it’s very easy to install, its two mounting brackets with eight fixings. The best way to fix these to the wall is obviously a standard fixing screws and bolts, you need to make sure that it is straight, the runner is freely moving up and down. If you go from school to school then the BM floor standing is your best product, again it could be easy to keep assembled and put in the boot of most small cars. If you’re more professional doing competitions and you want the pro frame it’s very strong, it’s very heavy but very strong ideal for competition. If you want one for home or you want for one for the younger martial artist, the handheld is the one you can put the smaller boards on. They are very friendly you just hold it, this helps children not to feel intimidated by it at all and they’re an ideal bit of kit to carry around.

Where should I get my boards from that I’m going to go on my Breakmaster? The good news for you is that we also sell boards so we do anything from a beginner boards all the way up.

That’s the end of our interview Stuart – thank you very much for talking to me today. Thanks for doing the interview. It’s lovely to meet you Zoe. One last thing to mention would just be to say to all of your readers if you want to buy a product that will last made in the UK, then buy Breakmaster.

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