Family Ties 

Bernard (Dad)

I initially started my TaeKwon-Do journey over 25 years ago, but stopped after a few months. After my daughters wanted to try a martial art, we found a family class that best suited us. I could have been a parent who sat in the back of the class or out in a car looking at my phone, but took the opportunity to take part. Restarting Taekwon-Do in my early 40’s, I was surprised how capable I still was and found it to be a good physical workout and a mental challenge. I’m so pleased with myself for finally getting my black belt.

Victoria (Mum)

Doing Taekwon-Do as a family gives us a chance to do something together. Life is busy with work and being a mum and my job can be quite pressured sometimes. TaeKwon-Do is a great outlet for relieving any pressures and learning the patterns gives you focus. Our Master always says the Dojang is the place to forget the outside world, when you enter it you focus on something else and hone skills. Distractions fall away. It’s great that we have skills to defend ourselves. I’m proud of my family and I’m proud of myself for getting black belt, I wasn’t sure I would. But perseverance pays off!

Ffion (age 12)

Taekwon-Do has helped me
overcome different things in life. I started at a very young age and have found it helpful in daily life. I found that it helped me cope with any big emotions that I had.
Whenever I needed somewhere to go and have fun, I could always go to class and enjoy myself. There were always days that I felt like I couldn’t keep going but I kept going and I go here. One thing Tae KwonDo has taught me is that to achieve what you want you have to put in your all.

Evie (age 10)

I was 5 when I started Taekwon-Do and wanted to do it because I saw a kids TV show with a martial artist and thought it looked cool. When I got to my black belt, I got to try breaking and really enjoyed it. On my first try to break, I broke the kids board! The classes are fun, it’s nice to meet other people and help them learn like I did. I cannot believe I have made it all the way to black belt at 10 years old. I love it so much and I’m aiming to get my 9th Degree!

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