Growing the desire for TKD

Two days fully managed to close the season…
Vinovo – The unexpected Covid-19 pandemic has drastically overwhelmed all sectors of human civilization, sport was no exception.
Last weekend the National Taekwon-do Stage, sponsored by the Municipality of Vinovo and of the Piedmont Region, assisted by the local Croce Verde

It was a truly high-profile work session, directed by two great personalities of the caliber of the Grand Master Tarcisio Martella and his deputy Maestro Claudio Fiorentino, representatives of the ITF Union Italia.
The flawless organization of this event was taken care of down to the smallest detail by the hosts, the amateur sports association Team Mulè.

In addition to its numerous athletes, the influx of gyms, including from other federations, was noteworthy, aware of the importance of attending these lessons, to evolve and research the right technique through study, with their presence they contributed to enrich these days, to name a few: Magnus Lupus, Spirit Indomit, asd Lee, Action Tkd, Dragon Spirit and a delegation directly from Switzerland.

The days were divided with a theoretical part entirely dedicated to the training of black belts, with relative practice, to the passages of black belt (dan) and colored (kup); Last but not least, there was the “Athlete’s Oath of Taekwon-do”, where all those present swore on their honor to respect the principles and rules of this Korean discipline and never misuse it.

“I am very happy – admitted Alfredo Mulè, president of the homonymous Team – for the results obtained during this intense event, martial arts must represent fun and moments of growth and maturation at 360 ° especially for the little ones. Coming from a period of forced closure, these days of sharing and socialization were needed, another important experience for my students, yet another must be emphasized, that only with time, devotion, commitment and study will they be able to aspire to knowledge of this wonderful discipline “.

“We are delighted that in addition to the sporting aspects, Team Mulè has achieved yet another prestigious goal at an organizational level – comments Dr. Enrica Lanza, President of Libertas Piemonte – to be able to see that a great relationship, this means that we now have a tried and tested staff, appreciated by the various sports leaders.

I would like to say – concludes Prof. Fulvio Martinetti, Provincial President of Libertas Piemonte – that we are reaping the fruits of a joint effort that we have been carrying out in synergy for years; this result confirms the high human value that characterizes our Sports Promotion Body “.

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