‘knowing is not enough – we must apply’

The weekend of the 23rd of April 2022 saw ITS taekwondo schools from all round the UK gather in Kidderminster, Worcestershire for a pre-blackbelt technical seminar with Master John Swift, and the much anticipated event did not disappoint!

From start to finish the work rate and energy was brilliant, the technical sections of a black belt grading warm up, conditioning, patterns and set sparring to the application and understanding of TKD techniques, there was even time for the odd light hearted dad joke or two!

With nearly 80 attendees it was a somewhat special day given the challenges of getting everyone together over the last couple of years so Master Swift took the opportunity to reinforce the value of a positive focus, goal setting, team work and consistency over time

A big thank you must go to Mrs Emma Swift, Mr Ryan Cole’s & Mr Phill Cole’s for the local support and assistance in setting up and teaching but also Miss Marie McAneny and her team for organising transport for our Scottish affiliates, students and families, a 16hr round trip showing us all the meaning of commitment!!

If you are looking contact Master Swift you can reach out via the usual social platforms or
e-mail – info@masterjohnswift.com

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