Accountability in TaeKwonDo #1

We have chosen to run this new regular new feature, as there are many things that have happened (or are happening) in TaeKwon-Do that are not challenged or questioned.

Is this that the millions of practitioners around the globe are scared of their own shadow and not
prepared to challenge things, or is it blatant misuse of position and power by some that hold rank.

We will tackle things head on and probably ruffle a few feathers or make a few enemies along the way, as we all know there are many who cannot handle the truth (especially in the art we all love and have devoted our lives to).

TaeKwon-Do is an amazing art, but the longer you are in it the more you see the misuse of power by about 5% of those in the art.

The actions of some have been questionable and over the years have left many around them thinking ‘Hang on. If they can do this, how the hell can we respect them and think they have our best interest at heart?’. It’s simple – in TaeKwon-Do, a minority think that they are above the law and are the law and can run roughshod over others due to the position or rank they hold, or even jump grade like a grass hopper.

Well, buckle up buttercups, as we intend to take these issues to task and make sure they know their actions have been noted and we will not sit back whilst they do these things any more. On a legal point, we will
NOT slander anyone, but I think those in the know will realise who the feature refers to and what situation we are addressing.

In this article, we address ‘accountability’. This is often ignored in our beloved art. It appears some that have had the most damaging actions put on them by others either chose not to hold the party accountable for their actions against them, or they did not know their rights. However, we intend on making sure our readership knows just like in everyday life, we all have rights. The fact someone holds a grade or position higher than you means nothing and accountability counts. So, if you think their actions are damaging to yourself, seek legal action and right that wrong.

For instance, in 2009 two parties were in a private dispute via email and, from what we hear, things were heated. One party resigned from the TaeKwonDo organisation as they felt it was the best course of action to protect themselves. The other party took exception and placed the private
content of the emails on their website.

This was damaging, as the second party not only published it but actually cut and pasted parts of the emails that made the first party look bad and showed the offenders true

Regardless of the situation, this is wrong, as information sent in private by two parties cannot and should not ever be put into the public domain. The accountability here is that one of the parties (at the time a National body) acted unprofessionally and way out of line from a legal stand point.

There are many situations we have been told about over the years which we will cover in future issues, but this one is about content that actually in a court of law is called ‘Content Shifting’, as the original content was taken from one form of communication only to end up on another
medium to discredit and harm a particular party with no permissions.

Remember, the actions of a third party can be challenged, especially if the content has been shifted from a private medium to public one.

Accountability is something we must all be mindful about, regardless of grade or position held, or know we could face legal action that could be more damaging.

The TaeKwon-Do world is accountable, regardless of the tripe that some seniors spout. This is not about loyalty to an Instructor, Master, GM or group – this is about a wrong is a wrong and those that do the wrong need to be taken to account and feel the full force of the law when breakin