GM Oldham in question

Thank you sir for taking the time to do this Q&A about your life. At Original ITF Magazine we are committed to getting the answers many do not know outside of your association.

Let’s start –
What country did you grow up in as a kid? Do you still live there?
I grew up in England and I still live there.

How big was your family that you grew up with?
My family was not big, no Brothers or sisters. I was adopted from an early age.

What age did you start TaeKwondo?
At the age of 22 year’s old.

What inspired you to start (i.e. a film star, lack of fitness, self defence, confidence etc.)?
I changed my martial art style to TKD after visiting FGM Rhee’s dojang.

When you took up TKD, did your family support you?
Not really, my parents were very old at the time I started.

Regarding family, did any of them take up TKD ?
No due to what I said above.

What grade did they get, if any N/A

Do they still train? N/A

How many times did you meet the Founder?
I met the founder when I was tested by him for my National Degree tests. Also once I had the honour of sharing a glass of wine with him, and other TKD pioneer’s at the Masters Demo Team event, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

Did you ever travel with him or assist him? Please give details
No I never travelled with him or assisted him.

What was your fondest memory of General Choi?
I found him very approachable that one time at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow

Did you compete during your career at all?
Not much, as in the early years of TKD we were all involved in spreading the art, was the priority.

Do you have a memory about competing you would like to share (i.e. injuries sustained, the teaching methods taught by your Instructor, highs or lows, people met etc.)?

Yes I met a lot of good friends when travelling with GM Park in the GTF tournament days.

What was your best title won when competing? None

Did you ever serve on your national TKD squad? Give details No

What age did you become an Instructor?
24 years old (Assistant)

What encouraged that transition?
No choice at that time period.

What is your best memory as an Instructor (students achievement, first Black Belt, title status etc.)?
My first ever student promoted to black belt. (Mr Graham Stretton, sixteen years old and 5 foot 11 inches tall) He was promoted by FGM Rhee

What has been your best achievement in TKD, apart from
becoming a Grand Master?
I suppose promoting the growth of Taekwon-do here and abroad.


Do you have one memory you can share about TKD (a fun story, who you met etc.)?

Sharing a room with GM Per Andresen (Norway) for ten days in Russia, in the Russian coup of 1993.Trying to get the national teams out with tanks on the streets. That was a championship never to be forgotten!

What are your hopes or plans for TaeKwonDo in general for the future?
I wish certain TKD instructors would be more honest about their history, and practice more the tenants they preach. I always thought it would be a good idea for someone to create a web site (world) that listed Instructors history and promotions for all to see. This would clear up a lot of misrepresentation.

If you could change anything from your career, what would it be?
To have had the opportunity to compete more at tournaments, in my early days.

Lastly, what is your current position you hold in TaeKwonDo apart from GM?
Chief examiner to the examiners board.

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