At the 157th IIC in Newcastle, 15th to 17th July, the ITA (Irish Taekwon-Do Association) had 5 Members testing for their next belt levels.

After landing in Newcastle on the Thursday evening and checking in, they were up and ready to go on
Friday for the first day of training.

The IIC was led by GM Hector Marano, Ung Kim Lan and Pierre Laquerre from the ITF Technical & Instruction Committee.

On the Saturday at lunch time there was a Degree Promotion test. 3, 2 and 1 Step sparring as well as Free Sparring and Self Defence, Patterns,
Destruction and theory were
completed by all candidates.

The ITA have 3 New 7th Degree Masters and 2 New 8th Degree Masters.

Masters Declan McMullen, Kevin Kinsella and Anne Marie Kinsella 7th Degree and Masters Adrian O’Mahoney and Frank Murphy 8th Degree.

This was historic in a few ways for the ITA as Anne Marie Kinsella is the first female Master in the group, also the first Father Daughter.

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