LTSI Opens – The one to win

When you hear people bragging about how good their events are, you think “Really, are they that good?”. Well, with thousands of amazing comments from those that have attended over the years, I think the L.T.S.I. has bragging rights. Of course, we get some negative comments too, but these are very rare and normally done by other groups who host and just want to leave a black mark on our events.

If you live in the U.K. and you practice I.T.F. or I.T.F. styled TaeKwon-Do, you seriously need to take part in an L.T.S.I. championship. The next one for 2022 is the 10th English Opens. This event is hosted by the Lions TaeKwonDo Schools Independent head, Master Snow, editor of OITF and a person who lives and breathes TaeKwon-Do.

Launched in 2004 after many years visiting U.K. events that simply fell way below par in his opinion, his main bug bare was those that ran so called ‘Opens’ that were not real opens, so the L.T.S.I. set up theirs and set a new standard. Their standards have meant many would have to follow and up their game. You only have to look at how many groups have had to move to using jigsaw mats and introduce many other things we have been using for 18 years. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery…

The L.T.S.I. host two prestigious events a year, the next one is the 10th English Opens being run on 2nd October. I am not a practitioner but, being the partner of a TaeKwon-Do nut (I’ve been with Chris for over 28 years), I could see he just wanted to push the boundaries further at every event.
I remember the early days when Chris would hate the fact we did not have mats at our events (and, boy, did he moan!), but to get mats, he bit the bullet and hosted a few opens with top quality awards and bare floors until he finally reached his goals.

I also remember a heated meeting where he stated an opens should not be run with all umpires from the same group (which most did) – the Instructors said “No one will help us”. At this time, he took the I.T.F. rule book, ripped it up and said “We must follow the Founders vision to unite all through events, but some of the I.T.F. procedures are out dated and just don’t work. It does not matter if the students are non I.T.F. members or I.T.F. as neither should be put ahead of the other”. So, a new set of rules were put together that works for both camps. Since 2004, we have been accused of sitting on the fence, not being true to the Founders vision, not being committed to I.T.F. TaeKwon-Do.

Sadly, I think those that make such statements know nothing about him. I can vouch he has the 1999 encyclopedia, CD’s and DVD’s and is always looking for more knowledge. He is a perfectionist who trains two hours every day before going to class and what he does not know about TKD is not worth knowing. As I said, he is addicted to this art and he always says that he learns from every seminar, course and class he trains in and from those he meets along the way.

He is never 100% satisfied and is always looking to go above and beyond. This year is no exception as we unveil new things that will put us ahead in the game, like new sparring divisions for 13’s to 17’s.

What you can expect from the opens is simple – a friendly welcome, networking between all groups and a lot of amazing competitors. We have seen the best be toppled by non I.T.F. fighters and that is the real beauty of our opens. Your students will all get attendance certificates as well, not to mention the amazing awards up for grabs.

There are some conditions. All schools must provide officials to ensure we get a true opens – once again, the more you provide, the better the opens and it can be called a true opens that is 100% neutral. It often amazes me the clubs who do not provide officials, but moan when their students lose. It’s called playing your part. If all groups put officials in, the day becomes a success.
What to expect:

The highest level of competition and best organised events with 6 Fully matted rings. All rings ran with independent umpires, All sections for one price, Amazing awards, Amazing running order, Team Tul challenge and Best school title up for grabs
So, if you are ready to go to a real open, I suggest you try the L.T.S.I. as they are one of the U.K.’s leading bodies offering safe open championships you can be proud of. Imagine your students’ buzzing for weeks after, saying that was one of the best opens we have attended. This is what hundreds have said once visiting us.

At the very least, visit our website and our Facebook page and speak to others about it. The L.T.S.I. is an open body that doesn’t care about politics – it is not part of any NGB, but is a direct member of ITF Union. It offers affiliation to any club or group and has an ethos of no ego or position is important, but they certainly care about providing the best events / service they can.

If you attend, pop over to the head table and say hello to Chris or I.

Written by Tracey Leonard
L.T.S.I. Secretary

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