My Martial Arts journey began in 1983 with Master Woo studying Pak Mei Kung Fu where I trained extensively
under his teaching and guidance.

After developing a keen interest in Martial Arts, I completed training in ‘Kong Soo Do’ (Korean Karate) under my Malaysian instructor Juin Manahai 5th Dan at Jidokwan School.

Later that year I joined the First Taekwondo School in my local town, being one of the first students. I was trained in Blue Eagle Taekwondo at Chung Do Kwan School of Taekwondo, under Master Adrian St Cyrien 4th Dan.

I think this is where my passion to learn more about Taekwondo began. I was fascinated by its history, culture and fighting styles.

One of my most inspirational instructors was Mr. Donato Nardizzi 3rd Dan, who helped me greatly to expand my knowledge and understanding. I was taught some Blue Eagle Taekwondo under Master Adrian St, Cyrien 4th Dan, which is highly respected by both World Taekwondo Federation and International Taekwondo Federation.

I left the ITF as a 3rd Degree black belt in 1995 after attending my 4th seminar with General Choi Hong Hi.

I wanted to meet more of the original founders and pioneers of Taekwondo to gain a better understanding of their lives and teachings.

This is when I met GM Sung Soo Lee from Jidokwan Taekwondo, another great man to whom I still have a great respect for today. It was at this time that I also met GM Kong Young Il, who helped to continue my Taekwondo journey when I became a member of the International Young Brothers Federation in 2018.

By 2019, I achieved 9th Dan, a title given to me by Kong Young and one of the greatest honours of my life, especially now that I can call him a dear friend.

Kong Young asked me to be president of the UK Young Brothers Taekwondo Federation to teach the original Chang Hon Ryu system which comes from its Founder General Choi Hong Hi.

I have been very lucky to meet so many great masters and Grandmasters. My gratitude goes out to Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee and Grandmaster Kong Young Il for so many years training that allowed me meet so many great people within the art of Taekwondo.

I give special thanks to Grandmaster Robert Dunn to whom I have an unwavering and loyal friendship.

Some highlights from my years in Taekwondo

1984 – Started training in Jidokwan Kong Soo Do
(Master Juin Manahai 5th Dan).
1986 – Started in ITF Tae Kwon Do (Mr. Donato Nardizzi 3rd Dan) UKTA.1993 – Achieved 2nd Dan UKTF / ITF.
1995 – 4th ITF seminar, General Choi Hong Hi at the ITFUK seminar, Reading, England.

1995 – Achieved 3rd Dan UKTF / ITF.
1996 – Seminar in England with GTI, Grandmaster Hee Il Cho 8th Dan.
1997 – Achieved 4th Dan Jidokwan TKD under Master Juin Manahai and Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee.

1997 – Achieved 1st Dan Hapkido, Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee.
1998 – UK Jidokwan Taekwondo Assocation was formed with President Master Keith Finch and Master Ron Davidson under IJTF Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee.

1998- Achieved 4th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo and UK seminar with Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee.
1999 – Hapkido seminar

2000 – Achieved 5th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo with GM Sung Soo Lee.
2000 – Achieved 3rd Dan Hapkido under Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee.
2000 – became head coach UK Jidokwan Taekwondo team and went to GM Hee Il Cho first world championships in Dublin, Ireland.
2003 – Achieved 3rd Dan Hapkido, Moo Hak Kwan.

2003 – UKJTA team travelled to Mallorca in Spain for another martial arts seminar at Chong Ma gym.
2003 – Achieved 6th Dan with ICTF with president GM Kong Young Il and Supreme GM Nam Tae Hi.

2004 – Head Coach UKJTA at GM Hee Il Cho 2nd, World Championships.
2004 – Trained in Australia with GM Sung Soo Lee, stayed in family home learning Jidokwan and Hapkido.

2004 – Achieved 4th Dan Hapkido GM John Soo UMAA.
2005 – Given the technical award by GM Sung Soo Lee.
2005 – UK Jidokwan Technical seminar with GM Sung Soo Lee.

2005 – Achieved 6th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo GM Sung Soo lee.
2005- Achieved 2nd Dan, Kukkiwon – GM Woon Hyu Uhm.

2005 – Seminar with Vice President WTF GM Chuk So Park.
2009 – Head Team Coach of UKJTA at the Verve Championships.

2012 – Awarded 7th degree by GM Robert Dunn, joined the JTF.
2012 – International Vice President of the Jun Tong Taekwondo Federation.

2012 – Achieved 7th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo GM Sung Soo Lee.
2012 – Hapkido seminar with GM Pascal Russello from GHF.
2014 – Hosted JTF UK Championships.

2014 – Awarded 8th Dan by GM Kim Bok Man 10th Dan.
2014 – Awarded 8th Degree by ITFU President Master Don Dalton.
2015 – Awarded 8th Degree JTF for promoting the international side of the federation.

2015 – awarded 8th Dan by UK Chung Do Kwan – GM Andrew Davies 9th Dan.

2015 – Role of European President International Jun Tong Taekwondo Federation for GM Robert Dunn promoting Chang Hon Ryu system for General Choi Hong Hi.

2015 – Black Belt Hall of Fame, Senior Instructor of the Year.
2016- Seminar, GM Joe Caranti president ICTF.
2017 – Birth of the Authentic Taekwondo Association – Great Britain, open association all Kwan’s and traditionalist schools affiliate too.
2017- Hall of Fame, Martial Arts illustrated magazine.
2018 – Hall of Fame, Martial Arts illustrated magazine.
2018 – Vietnam to train with GM Kong Young Il in his gym.

2018- Awarded 8th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo from GM Sung Soo Lee.
2018 – Founded Young Brothers Taekwondo International Federation under the pioneer GM Kong Young Il, with support of GM Robert Dunn.

2019 – 29th September achieved 9th Dan after performing on floor, promoted to GM by pioneer Kong Young Il and GM Ron Davidson.

2019 – Trained Indonesia, Malaysia and Ireland with pioneer GM Kong Young Il.
2019 –29th Awarded 9th Degree GM by GM Robert Dunn 9th Dan.
2019 – Awarded 9th Dan by ITMS President GM Vasilis Alexandris 9th Dan.
2020 – Awarded 9th Dan WITC by GM Augtin Escobar 9th Dan.
2021 – Awarded 9th Dan UK Chungdokwan Taekwondo by GM Andrew Davies and GM Mark lies, for my dedication to Taekwondo.

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