Like every closing day of a great event, feelings piled up at the door of our hearts, to spill our way for a long time.

An intense, last day was used for power break competitions and team sparring.
The synergy and concentration of each one of them were the best examples of great preparation and, surely, the long hours of teamwork.

Over the course of the World Cup, some finals were saved for the closing gala. And without a doubt, the chosen categories were spectecular.

In the gala sparring of Women 18-35 years, 65-70kg, the finalists of Argentina and Slovenia showed an fight with the Argentinian always ahead by a little. In the last second of the regular time the Slovenian competitor Urša Terdin achieved a tie and, in the following 1min extra time, won again in the last second with 2 to 1 umpires.

In the final of men’s category 18-35 years, 75-81kg, Germany was facing Chile and exposed European consistency versus South American courage.

In teams final 18-35years the audience witnessed an epic final between the teams of Slovenia and Ukraine, they left without respite an Arena Bonifika full of tension.

Undoubtedly Ukraine’s victory meant many more things for their people.

After the delivery of trophies where the overall medal statistics were divided between Poland, Ukraine, and Argentina it was time for the awards and presents at this closing ceremony. Collaborators, authorities, and figures of our art were present on this great night.

For instance, guest of honor GM Anto Nobilo, today’s president of the Croatian World Taekwondo Federation and first instructor of Master Tomaz Barada.

The closing ceremony featured ITF president GM Paul Weiler, ITF senior vice president GM Clint Norman, ITF Secretary General Master Tadeusz Loboda, ITF Treasurer Master Leo Oros Duek and GM Per Andresen as well as the president of the World Cup Organizing Committee GM Wim Bos and World Cup organizer Master Tomaz Barada.

The VIII Taekwon-Do World Cup in 2022 in Koper, Slovenia came to an end to open the door to the World Championships 2023 in Tampere, Finland.

For the competitors and coaches, it will be an arduous year of work. For the organizers, a great challenge to exceed the expectations produced in Slovenia.

And for the ITF and its members, it will be a year to continue dreaming, learning, and building a better world through Taekwon-Do, a lifestyle that improves our lives.

ITF awards one of its all-time icons at opening ceremony in Koper

October 3, 2022

During the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2022 in
Koper, Slovenia, ITF president, GM Paul Weiler, presented the official Honorable Grand Master certificate to Honorable Grand Master Thomas MacCallum.

HGM MacCallum is the first Honorable Grand Master in ITF history and his certificate was created for this special
occasion only.

Among his award speech, GM Weiler pointed out the long and iconic path of HGM MacCallum in the ITF.

He not only held many positions in the ITF for several decades, including Secretary General. GM Weiler also
pointed out the crucial work of HGM MacCallum in improving the ITF into the strong organization that we have today.

GM Weiler summed up his personal appreciation with the words: “HGM MacCallum not only worked closely with General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do, he was a personal friend to him, too.”

After the president’s speech, HGM MacCallum was honored with standing ovations and a moving video of his life and his achievements was shown.