On Saturday 17 September 2022, the event “At the Trot Against Violence Against Women and Against Bullying”, sponsored by the Municipality of Vinovo, took place at the Vinovo racecourse.

A day dedicated to sport with a capital “S”. Horse races started immediately and from the fifth the jockeys’ awards were first entrusted to the amateur sports association Team Mulè by the hand of President Alfredo Mulè who for years, through the sport he teaches, Taekwon-do, has been trying to inculcate mutual respect for children and young people;

then the Primo Medici Centers, sponsor par excellence of the asd Team Mulè, by the hand of Dr. Calì who awarded the jockey of the fifth race and last but not least, the Libertas Piemonte Sports Promotion Agency, which awarded the jockey winner of the sixth race, at the hands of the Regional President Libertas Enrica Lanza and the Provincial President Fulvio Martinetti who promoted and sponsored the event.

Also present on the stage were the director of the horse racing facility Dr. Ferraris, who has always been sensitive to these issues and the mayor from Vinova, Guerrini, who with his presence confirmed the importance of these social events in the area.

Immediately after, the Team Mulè sports association (Taekwon-do team), which has always been at the forefront of the fight against bullying, took care of it.

During the course of the event, it was possible to attend for free after the horse race, an essay of “Tul” or forms of combat by Greta, Julia, Miriam, Giorgia and the instructor Gaia, the latter have concluded the essay giving proof of strength and skill by breaking a series of three wooden tablets.

“The common objective – declared Alfredo Mulè, organizer of the event – is to carry out a promotion and prevention campaign that guarantees greater knowledge and awareness of the society that surrounds us”.

“This day must have as its goal the creation of a healthy, quality youth movement, characterized by more attention to the aspects of sharing and enhancing the youth of our territory”, said Enrica Lanza, Libertas Regional President, during his greeting.

Martinetti, Libertas provincial president of Turin concluded, underlining that “today’s event is among the most important so far organized after the forced closure due to the pandemic; a real restart, in the name of a newfound commitment and with the desire to continue to impact with these initiatives on the cultural and educational value that even sport can convey”.

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