Political Master – URL Hijacking

You’re probably thinking how the hell? Yep, the URL is as safe as your car sitting outside your house, waiting for a theiving little scrote to nick it.

You may even think why would they do that, or how can they do this? It’s so unethical. You’re right and it shows just how low some sink in their actions.

However, let’s remember humanity is full of backstabbers and so-called ruthless business men waiting to make a quick buck or two.
The L.T.S.I. branded 30k of leaflets, posters, tablecloths etc. almost 9 years ago but, stupidly, we were so focused on our events and other websites, we let our main association internet website www.uk-ltsi.com expire by accident.

Almost a month later, I find the renewal reminder in the email and think shikes, the domain has run out. We go to our service provider and the name is gone and there’s nothing we can do… What the f@ck!

We were gutted, especially as we had pull up banners, leaflets, tablecloths and clothing all with www.uk-ltsi.com insignias on.

We do a search on the service ‘Who Is’ to see who owns the domain, as somehow it is now owned by a third party – low and behold, we find out who has it.

So, they sneaked in and purchased what we needed via the back door when we were not looking (sneaky bar stewards.

We then begin the task of seeing if we can buy it, maybe it will cost a few hundred quid over the top but that’s life – we messed up, so let’s just bite the bullet. We search and get a response back – they want £5,000! Well, we’re not paying that.

We buy a new name www.the-ltsi.com (which we still own and won’t be letting it go) to replace it.
We do the same search in January every year and see the same company has brought it again and want £5k for it.
At the end of January 2023, nearly 9 years later, we check again and see the company has not purchased the URL this year, so we apply and get it back from them.
The good thing is we stored all our www.uk-ltsi.com items and now it’s time to start the engines up again.

Some will say who done that? Let’s just say we know who done this and, after this article, they know we know now – they did not realise, like a lion, it will sit docile until it’s time to attack. They threw away so much money on this name escapade and, for what, to get back at us?

We also know they read and follow our magazine like a stalker in the dark (we do a lot of tracking) but, heck, the magazine is for everyone, right?

The underhand actions were from a TaeKwonDo senior. Should we name and shame them? No, as they would probably do the court angle. Our solicitors have said just smile and move on, as biting back would take us to their low level. So, we will just say thanks for babysitting www.uk-ltsi.com and keeping it warm for us, but now we will take full ownership back.

We have our name back and we will keep moving forward
doing what we do best – teaching and hosting events.

My advice to every club / group and business is keep your URL’s paid for and don’t let anyone hijack them. I have been in TaeKwonDo for nearly 40 years and I am seeing anyone that has a gripe with you will be ruthless. Some have bad conduct against others and will do anything to get one over people and make a few quid.

If you question them, they will simply say “All is fair in business” or “All’s fair in love and war”.

To the guilty party, you need to start living by the tenets but I guess you have been ruthless most of your career (that on its’ own says a lot), so I guess you won’t ever change.

It’s cost you a fortune trying to get one over on us. You know life is too short and none of us are here forever. Build a bridge and get over it. I’d have thought Covid will have changed some, but how wrong I was.

Anyway www.uk-ltsi.com is now live and the lion is fully awake. This time, if we take a nap, we will sleep with one eye open and be much more ready for attacks.


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