UK LTSI Instructors Course

The UK-LTSI conducted their annual
Instructor and cadet course in St. Albans on 22nd January.

This course has been run since 2001, with the main foundation being on the UK-LTSI syllabus which is respected across the UK.

The course was conducted by Master Snow, who looks after the group. The first part of the session was based on the cadet training, where 4th Kups and above can get qualified and learn the very basics so they can assist Instructors during class time. They learnt about checking venues for hazards, how to meet and greet new starters, how to take a group and work with all levels and abilities and many other skills.
The course also saw a number of cadets requalify, as the rules are set that if you don’t, you cannot be used in class. Other members also attended who were Black Belts and they took the ‘C’, ‘B’ and ‘A’ classification to UK-LTSI Instructor level.

The level ‘C’ (1st Dans) teaches them everything from setting up a class, promoting it to find members, implementing the syllabus, what is needed like DBS and First Aid to finding an accountant for tax purposes, to name but a few things.
Level ‘B’ (2nd Dans) teaches more advanced things, like preparing for exams, what needs to be in place for Black Belt exams, how to fill in paperwork for gradings and duties at area exams.

Level ‘A’ (3rd Dans) covers all of the above, but also covers how to assist at exams, getting groups ready at the exam, tournament duties and much more.
The group all took it in turns to take the course, going over every pattern – some of the seniors set up faults and the candidates conducting would need to spot them. These were things like blocking past point of impact, heights on targeting, kicking lines, kinetic linkage and much more.
Master Snow stated even after 29 years of teaching, he learns something new at every class which is the beauty of teaching.

He explains that being an Instructor means having many jobs, including being a counsellor sometimes. This is why we must all follow the Instructor / student relationship at all times.

He explained that, where possible, every senior should take part in seminars and courses, as an Instructor, Master or even Grandmaster does not have all the answers and, in doing so, this will further their knowledge. He stated if you don’t know something, go and ask your seniors. This is why he loves that he has many GM’s to get more knowledge from, alongside the encyclopedias.

Never stop learning, be a sponge and absorb every bit of knowledge you can – only then will you become a complete practitioner.
New UK-LTSI Instructor Qualifications are:
 ‘B’ Class – Mr. E. Webb
 ‘C’ Class – Miss C. Smith
 ‘C’ Class – Mr. Garvin
 ‘C’ Class – Mr. N. Young
We congratulate all candidates that took part in this course and look forward to seeing them all using their new skills in the clubs.
The group bowed out and thanked Master Snow for conducting the session for them and making it so much fun.


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