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‘7 tips to level up!’

We have hit the ground running this year and today I was asked by a fellow instructor to share some tips on how to level up in 2023, here are just a few –

#Tip 1

Don’t chase shiny objects

… stay focused on what you set out to achieve, by all means adjust a little on route, that is part of the journey, but be sure to see you goals through to completion

F – follow

O – one

C – course

U – until

S – successful

#Tip 2

Develop the ability to say no

… you are the most important person in your life so don’t jeopardise ‘you’ just to please others

#Tip 3

Make your words worthy

… be positive and be constructive as your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, actions become your habits, values and destiny

#Tip 4

Work on yourself every day

… read, walk, mediate, workout, journal down your thoughts, learn a new skill or hobby as the best investment you can make is in yourself

#Tip 5

Quality over hype
… start looking for real value from your relationships and be sure to offer the equal if not more value in return

#Tip 6

Raise your standards

… how you do something is how you do everything so if it is truly worth doing do it to the very best of your abilities, expect it of yourself and expect it of those who you spend the most time with

#Tip 7

Success is often better shared

… everyone loves to win but there is no greater feeling than taking squad of quality people along with you for the ride


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