Fake it, Till you make it

Just taking a moment to consider what makes a truly great instructor?

Perhaps you could help me?

Here are just 7 points I’ve jotted down, amongst many -

1. Connection – the ability to form trust as well as a 2 way bond that stretches beyond the subject matter, both
individually but also into the important extended network of family and friends.

2. Communication – efficient and effective at all levels particularly in view of differing ages, abilities and grades but also in both positive and not so positive feedback to ensure students are achieving and maximising their full potential.

3. Consideration – being an instructor doesn’t make you better than, over or beyond anyone else but more so puts you in a position of responsibility to serve and provide for your people. In addition, everyone is unique so treating everyone fairly and equally irrespective of personal view point or opinion is essential.

4. Continuation of the learning journey, always remaining a student, being humble and respectful, a professional as a leader in your community and a positive role model for all those you come into contact with

5. Constant adaptation – thinking on your feet, being creative, forward thinking and ahead of the curve, change is inevitable – success is not … 2020 has proved that!


6. Consistency in both the message and method of delivery of your instruction, in your conduct but also the way you treat other people – never forget the power of your words and actions as the role you play will be far more significant than you will at first realise

7. Courage – push where others fail to go, an instructor should strive for continual growth. As the student grows surely the aim and vision is that someday the students and their abilities surpass yours.

To add further, be free of ego as ego is rife in leadership roles particularly in the martial arts and ego is like acid, it corrodes the vessel that contains it.

Rise by lifting others, understand the value of a team, be approachable, inspire in both words and actions, yes depth of knowledge is a given with the role but not just in theoretical matter but exploration, application particularly between arts and experience, perhaps mat time and hours served both training and learning not just teaching and ‘years-served’

Finally, something worthy of note – ‘professionalism’ both inside and outside the training hall, online and offline!

Being the face of the club and service you promote, the first thing parents and new students see, you are your brand, you are our art, lead by example in conduct and etiquette upholding the values, beliefs and benefits for all to enjoy and of course for the future generations to embrace.


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