Original ITF Magazine to close

Sadly we have made the decision to close the project due to finally realising that the ITF groups have no intention or desire to work as one. We thank all contributors for assisting us over last two years.

We wish you all good health and prosperity for the future.

Original ITF Magazine team


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Have you ever thought about helping your club with its' exposure? Original ITF Magazine welcomes clubs, groups and international ITF bodies to send in their news and events info and we will put it on the website or in our magazine.

Event News


Did you know many events are hosted every year? If you get our yearly membership, you can add events. Give your group the exposure it needs and get access to many other exclusive content.

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Master Shane Fitzgibbon


Authors League

We are forward thinkers with Original ITF Magazine. Our authors are the backbone of our magazine, so we have set up a league where you can see our top authors and their status.

20 Entries – Bronze | 40 Entries – Silver | 60 Entries – Gold 

Original ITF Magazine Authors league

We are not interested in just being a magazine you write for – therefore, we are setting up a league so, when you submit articles and news, you will receive a certificate. This is how it works –

  1. 20 articles submitted – Bronze author A4
  2. 40 articles submitted – Silver author A4
  3. 60 articles submitted – Gold author A3
  4. 100 Articles submitted – Platinum A3

All authors that reach Bronze, Silver and Gold status will be sent by email an A4 or A3 certificate with their name on. We are sure these will be sought after, as they will be in a class of their own. You will also be listed on our top authors page.

Official Sponsors 

L.T.S.I. tournaments are the official sponsors of our magazine. This group operate three tournaments in the U.K. which are independently run and said to amongst the best. Click on the image to visit their site.

GCHH FaceBook group 

General Choi Hong Hi - TaeKwon-Do father is a Facebook group our editor Master Snow has run since 2004. The group has 2800 active users. Click on the image to sign up.

General Choi Hong Hi - TaeKwon-Do father is a Facebook page our editor Master Snow has run since 2004. The page has 11k active likes. This page has many General Choi images to preserve the Founders legacy. Click on the image to sign up.

GCHH FaceBook page