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Sadly we have made the decision to close the project due to finally realising that the ITF groups have no intention or desire to work as one. We thank all contributors for assisting us over last two years.

We wish you all good health and prosperity for the future.

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Grandmaster in question

We will release a Grandmasters bio each month, with most being taken into the magazine. In order for us to produce these into the magazines the GM must follow our script answering truthfully and provide high quality images.

Grandmaster Stanley

Grandmaster Rai

Grandmaster O'Neil

Grandmaster Creedon

Grandmaster Dalton

Grandmaster Jamie Moore

Each magazine run we are covering the Grandmasters and getting there back story across there lives. This is our first one based on Grandmaster Jamie Moore, Jamie is based in Queensland Austrailia. Many now know him for the General Choi Hong Hi Hall of Fame that he created in 2020. Heres his back story.

What country did you grow up in as a kid? Do you still live there?

Australia, I still leave here

How big was your family, that you grew up with?

I have two brothers and two sister

So what age did you start TaeKwonDo?

At the age of 11

what inspired you to start? Ie a film star, lack of fitness, Self Defence, Confidence etc

My brother was training and the likes of Bruce Lee

When you took up TKD Did your family support you?

Yes they allow me to train and travel for competition

Regarding family, did any of them take up TKD

yes my brother was training before me and we traveled together to train under General Choi in 1981

What grade did they get if any?

2nd Dan

Do they still train still train?


How many times did you meet the founder?

Many times at world championships and Meetings and around 9 seminars

you ever travel or assist him? Please give details.

in 1995 during he’s Australian seminar he requested that the following year i conduct a seminar in Malaysia and on some occasions he would ask for assistance during The Australian seminars

What was your fondest memory of General Choi?

During he’s visit in Australia with his son GM Choi Jung Hwa together we had a beer in an outback style pub

Did you compete during your career at all?

Yes only at national level open all style Martial arts

Do you have a memory about competing you would like to share?

Yes i always wanted to fight against the best fighters in my category regardless of the result

Any Injuries sustained during your carreer?

During a Kickboxing tournament as part of my second Dan I sustained a shoulder dislocation

The teaching methods taught by your instructor, highs or lows, People met etc.

We trained very physical hard and lots of contact , my instructor GM Cheah is a fine example of a martial artist

What was your best title won to when competing?

National all style lightweight champion

Who have you met over your career?

I have been very fortunate to have not only meet the finest ITF masters around the world I been able to bring them to Australia so that they could share there vast knowledge

Did you ever serve on your national TKD squad?

Yes many times my most favour was Australia 2005 as we hosted the ITF 14th Senior Works championship in attendance was DPRK and South Korea Give

What age did you become an instructor?

I assisted many years with my brother and open my own school in 1984

What encouraged that transition?

I wanted to teach I could see the reward in teaching others

What is your best memory as an instructor?

Having  the opportunity to travel around the world and teach

Best students achievement / First Black Belt / or title status etc.

for me it’s having those extra special students as good friends today no trophy can give you that satisfaction

So what has been your best achievement in TKD apart from becoming a Grand Master?

In 2020 , I launch the General Choi Hong Hi Hall Of Honours Award and received overwhelming support throughout the ITF world to be able to acknowledge the great work all the Masters and Instructors have done for General Choi’s legacy , it truly was something special

Do you have one memory you can share about TKD. A fun story / Who you met etc.

in 1994 I travel to Malaysia for the 9th ITF World Championships , I was the offical umpire for Australia and at the time Master Sabree Salleh was greetings the teams on arrival and I mad a mistake and offered my hand, as did my fellow countryman we both got a dress down at the international airport something I’ll always remember NOT to do again.

What are your hopes or plans for TaeKwonDo in general for the future?

that one day we will be one big family again in the mean time let’s support each other regardless of affiliation

If you could change anything from your career what would it be

Nothing totally happy with my journey

Lastly what is your current position you hold in TaeKwonDo apart from GM?

I don’t have a desire to hold any offical position those days are gone , now i enjoy training & teaching as I did at the beginning of this journey

Look out for our next BIO on the Grandmaster in question.

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